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How To Play Lotto HotPicks
First, decide how many numbers you want to pick and choose the appropriate 'Pick' game. For example, if you play 'Pick 3', you need to pick 3 numbers and match all 3 to win.
Enter the appropriate amount of numbers for the Pick game you've chosen - for example, 3 numbers for 'Pick 3'. You can choose numbers from 1 to 49, or click 'Lucky Dip' for a random selection. (Lucky Dip numbers can't be seen until you've purchased your ticket). You can play up to 5 lines of numbers on the main Lotto HotPicks play slip, or select 'Add more lines' to play up to 25 lines with multiple tickets.
Use the 'Choose draws' and 'Choose number of weeks' lists at the bottom of the play slip to choose which draws you wish to play. You can buy up to 8 weeks' worth of tickets at a time, starting from the next draw.
When your play slip is complete, click 'Play' . You'll be asked to sign in, or open a National Lottery Account if you don't already have one. Opening an Account is easy, simply click the 'Open an Account' button on the sign in page, then follow the instructions to play Lotto HotPicks online.
Once you've confirmed your numbers, your ticket will be shown, and the details stored safely in your Account.

What happens if I win on Lotto Hot Picks?

Wins of up to 500
These will be paid directly to your Account. You can either transfer them to your debit card or use them to play more games.

Wins of 501 to 5,000
These are paid directly to your debit card, so you can quickly start to enjoy them!

Wins of over 5,000
Wins over 5,000 must be claimed by calling our Interactive Customer Care Team on 0845 278 8000, and will be paid by cheque.

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